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Our Services

SAP IDES Server Access

SAP Server Access 24/7 Connectivity, SAP High-End Powerful Servers, SAP Server Access 24/7 Support, SAP Servers Fully Configured, Access Our Servers from Any Part of the World.

SAP Pre Installed Hard Drives

Supports all Latest Processors and Operating Systems, SAP Will be Installed on Compatible VM, Can use Software & Internet on the Same System. This Solution is Suitable for a Laptop, Desktop and Server.

SAP Video Based Training

We provide SAP All Modules Video Based Training and Materials, professional video based online SAP training, Valuable Materials as a Package. So That,you never Stuck at any Point of Self Learning Video Based Training.

SAP Online Training

Technobjects provides SAP online training by world-class Experts who are passionate about teaching and helps you to get the Training you need at times that are convenient for you. SAP Online Training is delivered over the web to let you proceed at anytime and anywhere.

SAP Dedicated Servers

One Dedicated Server SAP system of your choice with maximum user Ids , Premium technical support and weekly backups. Dedicated Public IP address and Separate hardware.

Private Server Setup

Need a Private Server?